Before the Wall

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The next installation in the series of sculptures following the exploits of Aya the Survivor. Before the Wall represents the start of Aya's journey. She is armed with a Black Sword and Beacon Shield. Her peerless weapons suggest a powerful quarry waiting for Aya at the end of her hunt.

Kingdom Death: Monster expansion content 
Before the Wall includes the Vagabond armor set card detailing the armor worn by Aya and the unique bonus it bestow. Two new gear cards from the armor set are also included.

Art: Lokman Lam
Sculpture: Hector Moran


Presented in a litho-wrapped matte white box, Before the Wall includes:

  • Hard plastic Before the Wall
  • Kingdom Death 30mm hard plastic base and insert
  • Matte art print
  • Vagabond Armor armor set card for use in Monster
  • Tabard and White Dragon Guantlets gear cards for use in Monster