Allison the Twilight Knight

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Clad in dark bronze armor and robed in a deep hooded cloak. The Twilight Knights stand on the edge of the known world, a life devoted to battling foul creatures and horrifying abominations to shield the weaker from such peril. 

Kingdom Death: Monster expansion content 
Allison the Twilight Knight includes a upgrade to the "Hooded Knight" story event and two new rare gear cards. Affix the new Tattered Parcel sticker to your Monster core rulebook (Hooded Knight Story event) to gain access to the Dormant Twilight Cloak and Blue Lantern rare gear cards.

Art: Lokman Lam
Sculpture: Hector Moran


Presented in a litho-wrapped matte white box, Allison the Twilight Knight includes:

  • Hard plastic Allison the Twilight Knight
  • Kingdom Death 30mm hard plastic base and insert
  • Matte Art Print
  • Tattered Parcel story event sticker for use in Monster
  • Blue Lantern and Dormant Twilight Cloak rare gear cards for use in Monster